Organisational Development

We know you want to do good work: we’ll help make it happen

Organisational development affects businesses of all shapes and sizes. Most people want to be successful and do good work: we help make this happen.

We help organisations become better at achieving their purpose. We take the time to define your critical success factors, and make sure that you can measure your return on investment.

Typically, we work closely with change agents, senior sponsors, and key influencers to:

  • develop or change their organisation’s culture
  • develop talent and succession pipelines
  • motivate people
  • concentrate top teams on corporate objectives
  • achieve growth and development

We’ll work with you to understand your practices, culture, and ambitions, making sure your people are working in the right way to deliver great business performance.

We can help with:
Leadership development

As a leader, you’re expected to deliver results, drive change, and improve performance. We’ll help you develop the skills and behaviours you need to do so.

Our approach is practical.  We design bespoke one-off workshops through to large-scale organisation-wide development programmes that enable leaders to deal with the work situations that are important and challenging for them.

We use a range of innovative techniques. Our tailored programmes typically include the use of diagnostic tools, coaching, and experiential learning methods.

We can offer ILM accredited qualifications, too.

We offer training for the following:

  • First Time Managers
  • Aspiring Leaders
  • Senior Leaders
  • HR Team development.


Coaching provides an opportunity to explore challenges, shift critical thinking, reflect, and put changes to behaviours into practice.

Our coaches are professionally qualified (ILM, NLP and ICF) with pragmatic experience and an in-depth understanding of how business operates. We coach a variety of people, including leaders, newly appointed managers, and new recruits – as well as individuals who’d like advice with career development or transition.

We offer:

  • Leadership – executive coaching
  • Coaching to develop talent and careers
  • Individual and bespoke coaching.


Poor communication can lead to negative feelings and a breakdown in working relationships.

When this happens, our mediators listen, ask questions, and encourage those involved to explore solutions in a constructive and confidential environment.

Typically, mediation involves:

  • a separate meeting between the mediator and each person to determine areas for discussion
  • a structured joint to share concerns focused specifically on a positive agreed way forward
  • a joint presentation to a line manager to present the agreed way forward
  • a summary report.

Cultural analysis

Organisational culture is embedded in the way we do things. Everyday behaviours embed values, beliefs, aims, and purpose into an organisation, and set out how success is defined.

Cultural analysis allows us to understand and identify the main issues an organisation faces.

We assess and analyse current culture against identified future business objectives. We’ll help you explore:

  • what is your desired future culture?
  • what do you need to be doing less of?
  • what do you need to start doing (or do more of)?
  • what needs to continue?
  • what work gets truly valued?
  • what values drive employee behaviours and decisions?