Agile & New Ways of Working

In a rapidly changing, uncertain world, virtual working has become common place. You may be working through what this means for you in terms of customer, workforce, and office space.

There is a knock-on effect on all aspects of business. The implications go far beyond where we set up our laptop. They reach into mindfulness, wellbeing, as well as into HR areas such as contracts of employment, T&Cs and the way we lead and structure organisations.

This programme will teach you the principles you need to thrive in this new environment and to maximise the potential of your teams, creating an adaptable workforce to meet the challenges of the future.

Course content

  • Introduction to agile principles
  • An agile approach – a new paradigm
  • Agile working and behaviours
  • Agile, sprints & scrums
  • Models of agile working (including RenDanHeyi, BSO & Spotify)
  • Agile working – Objectives and key results (OKR’s)
  • The importance of mindfulness and wellbeing
  • Agile and resilience
  • Building organisational resilience

Duration of course

Bitesize, half day, full day or two-day programmes are available. Two-day programmes allow enough time to ground the learning within your specific organisation.

Learning outcomes

You’ll gain a greater understanding of the principles that underpin agile working. You’ll have seen through case study and discussion how best to embed the thinking in your organisation. As a result, your organisation will benefit from having a more developed and engaged workforce.

Why Capital Academy

All programmes delivered by the Capital Academy are designed to add value to people, teams, and organisations, and can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Our trainers offer expert industry knowledge and learning support, to help you develop your own understanding and skills. They will remain available to you after the delivery of the training, as a friendly face who can deal with any follow up queries. Ongoing support is also available via our consultancy firm, Capital People, or via our law firm, Capital Law.