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The use of reward to attract, retain, motivate and satisfy employees is a key challenge for many businesses, especially in difficult economic times.

A successful reward strategy will differentiate you from your competitors, enabling you to attract and retain talent, drive commercial success and support your organisational culture and development.

Our experts will provide support and advice at all levels, working with you to create a bespoke solution that meets your goals and doesn’t force you to cross your boundaries.

We offer an independent external benchmarking service to enable you to make pay related decisions based on qualitative and quantitative data. Our experienced reward specialists work with you to understand your organisational context and structure, and carry out a comprehensive analysis to provide you with robust information, and up to date intelligence on movements and trends in the market.

We have extensive experience of working with organisations in this area, analysing the internal and external environment, reviewing existing reward arrangements and long term aspirations, and helping to develop reward strategies and frameworks to achieve sustained commercial success.

Our links with Capital Law also mean you will benefit from the experience of lawyers who will ensure legal compliance. Throughout the process, we will provide you with one key point of contact, so you always know who to seek help from, and ensuring our combined advice is seamless.

Our service looks at both financial and non-financial reward, exploring links to performance and development, and using a range of tools to design transparent, innovative, fair and future-proofed reward frameworks.

We work extensively in a number of sectors, including Social Housing and Education.

Our specialities include:

  • Reward Strategy >

    A successful reward strategy integrates your wider business and HR objectives with stakeholder needs.

    We will work with you to determine and shape your reward values, using these guiding principles to create a tailored strategy. By utilising pay, benefits and non-financial rewards into a coherent whole, we’ll help you to develop and implement reward tools effectively to attract, retain and motivate your employees.


  • Salary Benchmarking >

    Ensuring that employee pay and benefits remain competitive is imperative to a successful and sustainable business.

    We offer an independent benchmarking service that is delivered by experienced reward specialists. We will enable you to make well informed, pay-related decisions.


  • Performance related pay and incentives >

    We can help you to move towards a culture in which people are rewarded for the value they create.

    Our bespoke service targets your requirements, budget and motivational drivers, and will guide you through the process of developing innovative, transparent and fair reward frameworks.


  • Job Evaluation >

    This service systematically analyses the relative work of jobs in an organisation, and will establish a strong foundation for designing an equitable pay structure.

    We have developed an extensive job evaluation scheme that is currently used by more than 50 organisations across the UK. We can also review existing schemes and provide training in job evaluation.


  • Equal Pay Audits >

    Failing to meet and comply with Equal Pay regulations can present legislative, moral and ethical issues.

    Our experienced consultants can carry out an equal pay audit, comprised of analysis, recommendations and training, which will provide you with assurance that your strategy and reward systems do not inadvertently lead to inequity or discrimination.


  • Testimonials >

    The Caxton Foundation

    One of the very positive aspects of working with Capital is that the service is very personal:  you are given a dedicated consultant to work with, who understands your organisation in detail. I value their pragmatic approach, always taking into account what is likely to be the best fit for your particular organisation.

    Jan Barlow, Chief Executive – The Caxton Foundation


    Alliance Homes Group

    We’ve worked with Capital for a number of years in respect of benchmarking salaries against the market rate. The service provided is very thorough, demonstrating a detailed knowledge of the sector.

    Amanda Strange, Assistant Director (HR) – Alliance Homes Group


    Coastal Housing Group

    We were looking to undertake a strategic review of our approach to reward and chose Capital People based on their experience in the sector. We partnered with Sarah Peters for this project and found her approach to be thorough and pragmatic. Sarah took time to understand our organisation and what we were trying to achieve in order to deliver a ‘fit for purpose’ reward model. I really liked the way Sarah engaged with members of our senior management team and supported us in helping ‘position’ the project as a strategic imperative. Capital People would definitely be my partner of choice for future work.

    Samantha Morgan, Head of HR & Corporate Services – Coastal Housing Group


    Spectrum Housing Group

    Capital People carried out a full equal pay audit for Spectrum Housing in late 2014. We had been let down by a previous consultant and needed to get the work done fast to meet deadlines agreed with our Board. Following a telephone call to them Capital People agreed to meet with us the next day and following the meeting drew up a very comprehensive specification to carry out the work. We agreed a timetable and the price given was competitive. The work was of an extremely high standard and the consultants were very collaborative throughout the process. They kept us informed at every stage and produced the report when they said they would. The work involved a lot of detailed analysis but this was done without fuss.

    The content was not all good news for us but the report produced was easy to understand, balanced and factual and included an action plan which we were able to discuss and agree with Capital People. They also produced an additional shorter paper for the Board and were available to present it.

    I would not hesitate to use Capital People again – they were very professional and Sarah certainly knows her subject. If a client wants something similar or general remuneration consultancy I would highly recommend.

    Anne Wildeman, Group Director of HR and Business Services – Spectrum Housing Group


    Notting Hill Housing

    As part of a review of our sales and marketing team, I asked Capital People to work with us to develop a proposal for a tailored reward model that incorporated the complexities of our business. Sarah worked extremely efficiently and was very thorough in understanding our business model and culture to put forward a range of proposals for consideration that would work in practice. I was very impressed with the way that Sarah worked and she turned the report around for us very quickly to meet our tight deadlines. The work Capital has done for us has enabled us to put an implementable solution forward for performance related pay. I would happily recommend them.

    Katie Bond, Director of Notting Hill Home Ownership – Notting Hill Housing



    Viridor had an urgent need for a fundamental review of our bonus and incentive schemes after a period of rapid expansion and acquisitive growth. We turned to Capital People as a recognised industry specialist with direct knowledge of the comp and benefits space. We have found their approach both thorough and effective and they have successfully blended extensive experience with focused business understanding. They very quickly got to know our culture and processes and by taking regular temperature checks, ensured their delivery matched our expectations. The quality in the resultant report and recommendations was of the highest quality and we are currently working through their proposals. Capital People are a great example of an effective business partnership approach

    Simon Catford, HR and Regulatory Director – Viridor

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