Organisational Change & Development

Organisational change and development affects businesses of all shapes and sizes. When implemented successfully, organisational change takes a holistic approach that enables employees to understand and deliver business objectives, visions and values.

At Capital People Consultants, we work with you to develop long-term relationships that ensure we have a full understanding of your practices, culture and ambitions. We can help your organisation to align your strategy, policy and structure with your skills, behaviours and leadership to achieve real, lasting change.

We offer expert support, advice and guidance in each of the following areas:

• strategic planning and development
• organisation development diagnostics
• changing values, behaviour and culture
• executive and management coaching
• leadership development
• succession planning
• talent management
• employee engagement
• managing change
• employment law
• multi-skilling your workforce

Our service includes:

  • A client manager, backed up by a dedicated team of HR and OD consultants, who will act as a main point of contact
  • Practical advice, guidance and techniques, underpinned by sound legal knowledge
  • Operational and strategic consultancy
  • A KISS approach i.e. pragmatic and business focussed
  • Effective and efficient project management ensuring clear expectations.

We can provide bespoke programmes to closely match the programme content and outcomes with the specific needs of your learners or the organisation. We also offer a Retainer service.

For more information please contact Monica Newton.

Our people:

Monica Newton